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First and foremost, I love God and my family. I'm married to John and mom to JT. Professionally, I test software. In my spare time I'm a photographer, yogi, runner, scrapbooker, crafter, and book lover.

Stone tablet 2.0

Stacy here! We recently had a patio added to our backyard.  With all the digging, there were a lot of rocks unearthed.  A six year old boy is of course going to snatch up every large rock that comes his … Continue reading

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Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land

Stacy here! Earlier this year I was out for a run.  I was winded and falling back on my mantra of “eating wind sandwiches.”  Just fill up on air, I can keep going… slice another sandwich… eat it up… Then … Continue reading

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Life of Pi

Stacy here! Sometimes I put a book on my “to read” list and then I don’t get around to it for years.  Now, if the movie happens to come out before I read the book, I might make time to … Continue reading

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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Stacy here! That’s right.   Stacy, right here in Cynthia’s science fiction and fantasy book review category of Rolling Staircase.  I know, you thought (or hoped) I’d stop category hopping after I posted a recipe over in Catherine’s realm.  No such … Continue reading

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Yoga perspectives

Today… a collaborative post!  One Saturday in March, BJ, Cynthia, and I spent our  morning together practicing yoga and talking blog stuff.  We have varying degrees of experience with yoga (and exercise, athletic training in general), so it was interesting … Continue reading

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J. Rooker, manatee

Stacy here! Finding a book at a yard sale is such kismet.  There are a lot of books at yard sales.  Mostly, I find a lot of book fair paperbacks that kids have outgrown.  Not that there is anything wrong … Continue reading

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In April, we are loving on Mother Earth

Stacy here! This April, we are going to be loving on Mother Earth with stories among gardening, farmers’ markets, composting, recycling, environmental awareness, alternative energy, and maybe just some good ol’ fashioned dirt thrown in for good measure! As always, … Continue reading

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An adventure in healthier food

Stacy here! For several years now, I’ve had the opportunity to subscribe to a grocery delivery service that delivers right to my workplace.  It’s not just any groceries though… it’s a bag of local, in-season, organic, and pesticide-free vegetables, grains, … Continue reading

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Developing a yoga practice

Stacy here! Do you practice yoga?  Have you ever thought about it?  Have you stayed away because you’re not an om-chanting size zero vegan with hairy armpits?!  (Sorry… thought I would get the stereotypes out of the way first thing!)  … Continue reading

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Run, yogi, run!

Stacy here! I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years now.  In fact, I’d say in the past 12 years, the longest break I took from yoga was during the third and “fourth” trimesters of pregnancy.  It’s been a constant … Continue reading

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