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I'm a work at home Mom/Writer/Artist and work in office PA for LifeLight Global. Pretty much anything goes here. .

The Interrupted Crafter

I have kids. (Literally as I typed that line my 8 year old interrupted me with the classic triple “mom, mooom. MOM!” like a little neanderthal who was never taught any manners.) Life has interruptions. Kids make sure of it. In … Continue reading

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How to Make Banana Bread

This is a plain and simple step by step guide to simple banana bread. Step 1- Find bananas with mold growing on the stems. Open them and determine the fruit is still good. Announce you are going to make banana … Continue reading

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Hyper-Nutriuent Hydration! (Now with Mint-astic Lime Flavor!)

It’s summer. Have you noticed? How could you not when the sun is doing its darnedest to boil humanity off the face of the planet. Well I say, “Fat chance.” He’s just mad because he doesn’t have any friends. You … Continue reading

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A stitch in time saves…oh about 50 bucks.

BJ Here! The Spring/Summer wardrobe haul for kids. It’s the worse than buying clothes at the end of summer for autumn/winter because at least then the clothes cover more. Now we’re paying the same for articles of clothing with half the … Continue reading

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The Farmers Market

BJ Here! Today I’m going to teach you how to find a Farmers Market, AND what to do when you get there in 7 easy steps! 1) Do not under any circumstances look up directions. You’ve heard about its general … Continue reading

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Garden Planning 101: Part 2

BJ here! Last weekend we went over the bare bone considerations of gardening for those who have never done it before. This week I’m going to teach you how to not kill all the green things you have decided to plant! … Continue reading

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Garden Planning 101 – Part 1

BJ here! Spring is in the air and the garden centers across the nation are full to the brim with brightly colored bags of poop and dirt that cost more than your first-born child did. Plus those shiny ball things that … Continue reading

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What’s all this mutter about oil and butter?

BJ Here! (No, here, to the left. There you go.) Have you ever been muddled by the fads and facts around what cooking and baking fats are best for you? There’s a lot buzzing around the grape vine! “Butter will … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Pasta Sauce

Hello! BJ here, This lovely March we’re going to cover ALL THE HEALTHY THINGS! Why? Because, it is the end of winter, we are going to chase the Winter Blah’s away as we near spring with health food that you … Continue reading

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Home is where your heART is.

BJ here! And here is the rest of my family… Well, their handprints anyway, My hubz, me and, our brilliant kindergartener. Yes, he is brilliant, because this is my post and I can brag about him if I want to. … Continue reading

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