About Cynthia


Me and my husband, Ben!

My name is Cynthia Canan and I am a graduate student at The Ohio State University. Currently, I am studying the effects of aging on the immune system and using tuberculosis as a disease model.  I just started my 2nd year in my graduate program and that means I will have a long time to go before I get my PhD!

I absolutely love to read!  Before meeting Ben, my husband, I suffered through many lonely nights with my best friends out of state for school and my whole immediate family on the other side of the world (in China and Taiwan).  I found refuge and comfort in books.  There was a period of time where I could read up to 2 books in a day!  Although I don’t have that much time to read anymore due to school, I can still read on average about 2 books a week.

I read a variety of books but mostly focus on young adult books and general fiction novels.  Once in a while, I read autobiographies, memoirs and self-help books as well.  Although young adult books consist of many different sub-genres, I have divided the fantasy sub-genre into 2 groups: fantasy and paranormal.  They are both very broad categories, but I figured it would be good to know why I’ve put a certain book in a certain category.  The below definitions are my own and how I will organize my books.

Young Adult Fantasy

For this category, books will usually contain magic and other supernatural talents/phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme or setting.  Romance will not be the central plot but rather the focus will be more on the development of the characters.  It may or may not take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common.

Young Adult Paranormal

For this category, books will usually contain romance as its main focus and include elements beyond the range of scientific explanation.  The most common relationships in paranormal right now are relationships between humans and vampires, shapeshifters, faes and elves.

I will only post book recommendations on this blog but if you would like to check out all my book reviews, negative or positive, please check out my Amazon website.  I hope you enjoy my recommendations!

If you would like me to read your book, and write a review/recommendation, please email me at rollingstaircase@gmail.com

If you’re interested in a list of all the books that I’ve read in the past few years, please click here! (I can’t remember when exactly I started this list, and it’s possible that I’ve left some books out on accident)

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