About Catherine

Hi there!!

My name is Catherine and I am a second year biomedical science PhD student at the Ohio State University. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world and we have two cats that we are way too attached to (please see embarrassing picture included below). I love my job as a research scientist, and one of my favorite topics to research is nutrition. My dissertation research even includes aspects of this passion, exploring the ability of dietary antioxidants, such as those found in ginger and dark fruits, to prevent the formation of certain cancers. I believe that food is one of God’s most remarkable gifts to us on this earth, containing powerful nutrients that can heal our bodies and warm our souls. I have a confession to make: I despise processed foods. I avoid them when I can. I understand that life is too short to not enjoy an indulgence every now and then, but I do not think anyone would argue that the less processed food we eat and the more whole foods we eat the happier and healthier we will be. Consequently, all of my recipes will be as free from processing as possible. Another thing you may notice is that they will not include any meat or dairy. I am NOT doing this to promote any particular lifestyle. Dairy and meat are simply just the easiest to get enough of in our diets. One of the reasons I am so excited about this blog is the chance it gives me to introduce people to recipes they might not know about yet! We all benefit from trying new things, so I do not want to include the same boring chicken recipes. Variety is way more fun!! I want to introduce you to the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that I find fascinating, both for their fantastic favors and for their amazing health benefits. I am so thrilled to be a member of Rolling Staircase. Having the opportunity to blog with these talented women is such a blessing. I hope you enjoy the recipes I post, and please let me know if you try them! I would love to hear about recipes YOU love and want to share with ME!



Josh loves our cats a little too much!

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