The Interrupted Crafter

I have kids.

(Literally as I typed that line my 8 year old interrupted me with the classic triple “mom, mooom. MOM!” like a little neanderthal who was never taught any manners.) Life has interruptions. Kids make sure of it. In fact the process of even having a child is one big interruption. Everything else gets put on hold.

For good purpose, mind you, I’m not knocking it…but, life never really gets back to normal. Your hobbies get side tracked, for months, years even. Anyone with a kid under the age of 6 can tell you any crafting that includes manipulating art with a set drying time is off the table during waking hours; and those hour are by no means set. There are no guarantees is this game, buck-o, so in the pursuit of getting creative one is forced to…

…get creative.

This is what my hands have been itching to make,wanelo

(For you all who like buying your crafts this bottle can be found here … cheaters.)

But the required use of Mod Podge to get the yarn secure to the bottle was a big fat nope.

See this? tummytimemayThis is my 5 month old, and newest interrupter, Hunter Auri aka Chunky Button aka The Angry Baby aka Snot Dragon.

She’s the best. She also does not like being put down.

Thus enters Fabric Tape. Sticky, time stable, AND water proof to boot. I can use my bottles as actual vases for cut flower, they are easier to handle during wrapping because I don’t need to coat the entire exterior as I work my way down, and I can set my project down a billion and half times without worrying about picking up later and needing to start over.

From start to finish this project only takes a 5 items to complete, which is great all on its own.

  1. A clean bottle with labels removed.
  2. Yarn
  3. Fabric tape
  4. Paper Flowers
  5. Scissors

Step 1 – Cut three strips of tape and lay around the bottle in vertical, evenly spaced lines. Start the yarn placing the end on the tape with the tail pointing down and begin to wrap while keeping a MEDIUM amount of pressure on the yarn. To little and it will be droopy, to much and the stretched out yarn will be fragile and will be more difficult to fully cover all of the bottle.bottleblog6


As you make your way past the neck to the wider part of the bottle add more strips, I used 6 for my bottle, you may use more or fewer depending on the size of your bottle. At the bottom use a horizontal strip of tape to keep the last few lines and the end of your yarn from working its way free over time.bottleblog7


I used a contrasting color and added an extra touch at the top and bottom. No tape needed, just keep medium pressure again so your yarn doesn’t droop.bottleblog4

I added flowers which required yarn of varying lengths and paper flowers in multiple sizes.bottleblog3

I used plain old Elmer’s  glue for this. The bottle is easy to draw with and the yarn easy to place in short pieces even though I, of course, was absolutely interrupted during this process.bottleblog2

Add your flowers with another dab of glue and let dry!bottleblog

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I'm a work at home Mom/Writer/Artist and work in office PA for LifeLight Global. Pretty much anything goes here. .
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