Hyper-Nutriuent Hydration! (Now with Mint-astic Lime Flavor!)

It’s summer. Have you noticed? How could you not when the sun is doing its darnedest to boil humanity off the face of the planet. Well I say, “Fat chance.” He’s just mad because he doesn’t have any friends. You could say he’s not bonding well. Hahaha, cause he’s mostly made of monatomic hydrogen? Get it? No? Moving on.

We’re beating the heat here with water, but not just any water, no, we here at my house have too much crunchy-snobbery for that. Pfft. normal water really. *rolls eyes…then bakes bread from home grown organic heirloom wheat.*

We are drinking homemade vitamin water, and you can too, because it’s the easiest thing in the world. Trust me. All you do is grab any combination of fruit, herbs, spices, and even veggies you have, and soak ’em in water. Then you drink it. Have oranges in the fridge going way to0 soft? Slice ’em up and drop them in a pitcher of water. Lemons, strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, mint, basil, rosemary, raspberries, honey dew melon, mango…This list could really just  go on and on.

And can I just add in here how absolutely refreshing this stuff will be? Drinking water can be one of the most tedious health habits to maintain. There is SO much out there wanting first place in your belly. Pop, sugary juices, synthetically colored health drinks made pretty much of just salt, and none of it is good for you, even when it says so on the bottle. With vitamin packed raw foods doing all the work for you, these relaxing, refreshing drinks take 10 minutes tops to prepare and it’s all smooth sailing from there, honey. Actually, you could also put honey in them. Just a thought, but without more ado, I give you, Mint-astic Lime.

Mint-astic Lime.

1) Take a handful of mint leaves, maybe 1/3 cup.

photo (22)

and mash them between your fingers so the minty goodness can leech out into the water.

photo (23)

Drop ’em in your pitcher (I’m using a half gallon mason jar.)

2) Cut up three limes and drop ’em in after the mint.

photo (29)

3) Add water.

photo (30)

The end.


It’s best to let the inner goodness seep out of the leaves and fruit for 30 minutes in the fridge, or even better, let it sit over night, but if you just can’t wait just stick a straw in that sucker the minute you’ve got the ingredients together and go to town. You can sizzle this up too by adding some seltzer water to make a carbonated sparkling water!

Now give yourself a pat on the back. Good job you. Good job.




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