A stitch in time saves…oh about 50 bucks.

BJ Here!

The Spring/Summer wardrobe haul for kids. It’s the worse than buying clothes at the end of summer for autumn/winter because at least then the clothes cover more. Now we’re paying the same for articles of clothing with half the fabric and that seems like robbery. It’s not a nice feeling, yet for most of us sewing clothes is way too much of a hassle, even for those of us who like to sew!

Behold I give you the stitch-less clothing converter! Also known as a nice, sharp, scissor. I give you, the standard boys shirt. Just a t-shirt with long sleeves sewn into it. The vast majority of my kids wardrobe consist of these every fall, but to get some extra wear out of them I turn them inside out…

photo (26)

I’ve cut up the seam of the inner sleeve to give you a better view. Most of the time these are not attached to the side seam on the bottom edge of the t-shirt sleeve, all you need to do is cut along the inner sleeve fabric to get it out.


photo (27)


Turn the shirt right side in again and Tada!


photo (28)

Free t-shirt. I did 5 of these while watching Netflix and saved myself $40 – $50 bucks.

Sometimes the sleeve is attached to that side seam, in that case all you need is a seam ripper and a small amount of thread coupled with the most basic of sewing skills. Even a monkey can sew a straight-ish line for two inches! (And if it’s not straight, well…how many people are going to be staring at your kids stinky, summer sweat-slicked arm pit anyway?)



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1 Response to A stitch in time saves…oh about 50 bucks.

  1. brungrrl says:

    Great idea! JT’s winter wardrobe is shirts with solid colored sleeves to extend the life of the tshirts from summer.

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