Home is where your heART is.

BJ here!

And here is the rest of my family…

photo (16)

Well, their handprints anyway, My hubz, me and, our brilliant kindergartener. Yes, he is brilliant, because this is my post and I can brag about him if I want to.

Incorporating art into the learning process of what it means to be family is really important in our household, not just to me as an artist, but as homeschooling mama!Doing an art project as a family helps to build bonds, just like playing soccer as a family or going hiking would, but with one major bonus. You end up with an art piece that states who you are together right in that moment and it will last forever.

This project was done with acrylic craft paint on canvas and is an easy $20 memento that incorporates the two things every kids loves the most: Bright colors…

photo (15)

…and messy hands!

Things you will need:

  1. Canvas, roughly 20 x 20
  2. acrylic paint
  3. paint brush
  4. paper towels
  5. drop cloth

All of these things are available at hobby stores except paper towels, which 1 gazillion dollars bets you have already. My favorite art store, Blick, sells 20 x 20 canvas for $13, my craft paint was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $5 ( one bottle each of the three handprint colors and two of the background color.) I’m willing to bet you have a paint brush laying around too, but those also are available for a buck or two for a multi-pack of cheap and easy throw away brushes. I use old sheets for my drop clothes. Couldn’t live without them, I think I have more drop clothes than I do actually bed sheets now that I think about it.

The steps to this are very simple. You don’t even need to paint the back ground  because white will make your colors pop so I’m leaving out that step.

  1. Have each family member choose a color or, if you are a control freak, choose it for them!
  2. Squeeze a glob or two onto the palm of the chosen hand (We went with all lefties) and spread the paint around with the paint brush.
  3. Press the hand against the canvas, which works best if the canvas is laid flat on a table with the drop cloth underneath.
  4. Lift up. This is the only tricky part, don’t let kids wiggle their hands or slid their hands to remove it. Straight down. Straight up. The end.
  5. When it is dry, hang it up!

photo (17)

Acrylic paint will dry very quickly, so this part won’t take long unless your ‘hanging pictures’ skillz happen to be unusually terrible.

There are lots of way you can change this painting up! Use foot prints instead of hands, paint your lips for kiss-y prints (good time for non-toxic paint), or make everyone’s handprint black on a white background and then let every one sign their name under their print with a sharpie once the paint is dry!

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  1. clayanddust says:

    What a brilliant title for this post. I’m doing this when I get home…

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