Oreo Truffles

BJ here!

Today I am sharing a dessert favorite in my family to share with your sweetie, or devour in dejected solitude, or enjoy in victorious independence – as the case may be – this Valentine’s Day. My heart healthy tip #1 for you right of the bat is: Don’t eat all of them yourself. Yes! That’s it. Overindulgence is your enemy, but you knew that didn’t you? Clever you.

You only need three ingredients – A three sleeve package of Oreo’s, one 8 oz package of cream cheese, and a package of almond bark or baking chocolate.

photo (7)

Baking tip – Don’t buy chocolate or flavored chips. Chips contain emulsifiers that will prevent them from melting and coating nicely, if at all.

Step 1: Use a food processor, or blender with a dry blade to grind your Oreo’s. You want the texture to be fine crumbs, with no chunks. You can do it by hand by putting them in a zip lock and smashing them with a rolling pin. I don’t recommend it. It’s dang long and super boring.

photo (6)

Step 2: Melt the cream cheese in a medium sized mixing bowl 30 second. Add your Oreo crumbs and mix thoroughly.

photo (5)

Baking tip: If you really need a picture of melted cream cheese in order to make this, my tip for you is don’t ever try making food.

Step 3 – Place the mixture in the refrigerator or freezer for 30 minutes, or until chilled enough to not be overly sticky. Roll the mix into truffle sized balls and place on waxed paper on a baking sheet. Place these back into the fridge or freezer to cool. These need to cool again because on top of maintaining it’s shape better the cold cookie ball placed into the melted bark/chocolate will form a smoother, finer coat than a warm one.

photo (4)

Baking tip: If you invite an obsessive compulsive friend over to make these with you, all your cookie balls will magically be the same size and perfectly round.

Step 4 – Melt your coating in a double boiler. Mine is just a pyrex measuring bowl stuck into a pot of simmering water. The trick with this is to make sure your glass container doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot, and that the water is low enough to encompass the bottom of the glass without splashing into the chocolate. Water in the coating will make it seize up and be super chunky. You can melt your coating in the microwave, at 10 second increments, but you will need to re-melt it several times during the coating and that increases the odds it will over heat and seize up. I don’t recommend it.

photo (3)

Step 5 – One at a time, roll the cookie ball in the melted coating, then fish out with a fork or a slotted spoon back onto the wax paper covered cookie sheet. When you are finished with all of them, place them in the fridge to set up the chocolate.

photo (2)

Baking tip: If you happen to be making these at Christmas time, you an always save some holiday calories at this point by placing your truffles in a little pile underneath the exit end your neighbors light-up, wire-frame reindeer.

To jazz up your truffles, you can melt more coating of a contrasting color and drizzle it over your truffles with a spoon, or partially dip your truffles into the second coating. You can also use food coloring to theme your truffles by adding the coloring after your coating is thoroughly melted.


Heart Health Tip #2: Eat a salad.

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