Revolutionary Parenting: Audiobook

Stacy here!

Book junkie that I am, I have resisted ebooks and audiobooks for years. I used to listen to audiobooks on cd in the car when I travelled more, but I never made the jump to digital buying and listening because I didn’t want to deal with device limitations and when would I have time for a whole book anyway.

During Christmas break, I decided to try an audiobook from the library on my iPhone. There were two things that would make it or break it for me: 1. Could I work listening time into some usual routines- while doing household chores, crafting, or taking a walk? and 2. Would I get distracted and not listen closely enough to the audio? The first book I tried, I finished in 3 or 4 days (this is record time for this working Mama!) I crafted, put away clothes, and walked while listening. I wouldn’t want to be tested on the content, but I felt in tune with the story.

After a good first experience, I decided to try purchasing a book recommended by a friend, Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna. It kept my attention and I finished it within a week (AND cleaned my room!). I got an iPad mini for Christmas… I found that I could alternate listening on my iPhone and iPad while keeping my place in the book.


Different from most parenting books, this book focuses on survey results of kids (and their parents) who were raised to be Christ followers. It highlights the things that these parents did differently than other parents that resulted in kids who made much better choices than other kids.

The other day while JT and I had breakfast out on a Saturday, he was telling me about the movie of his life. It would be REALLY long because it would conclude with him dying and going to heaven to spend year after year after year with God. It was a silly daydream, but it clued me into the fact that my son comprehends the afterlife. So maybe we aren’t entirely failing at this parenting gig. Never hurts to reinforce our goals after day upon day of telling him to put the toilet seat down (among other challenges). It may come in handy to have this book in my ear the next time my parenting juices are running low.


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First and foremost, I love God and my family. I'm married to John and mom to JT. Professionally, I test software. In my spare time I'm a photographer, yogi, runner, scrapbooker, crafter, and book lover.
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