Lighten Up Your Mornings

Catherine here!

I wanted to give you all an update on how I have been emulating my “lighten up” mantra that I blogged about in last week’s post. In this post, I am going to concentrate on how I have applied this to make my mornings just a bit easier. One of the things that stressed me out the most in 2012 was getting ready for work in the morning. I am not one who can jump out of bed, throw on some clothes, and head out the door. I need to wake up veeerrrryyy slowly before my brain catches up and is ready to tackle the day. Realizing how important this is for me, I have started to incorporate more fun and relaxing activities into my mornings to give myself some “me” time before the craziness of the day begins. Here is what I have done.

1. Pick out the week’s shirts/tops on Sunday. I have accumulated so many cute sweaters and shirts over the past few years, thanks mostly to my fashion forward younger sisters. However, if I leave my wardrobe planning to the morning, I do not have the time/energy to search through my clothes to put together a nice outfit. Consequently, I end up wearing jeans and a hoodie at least twice a week. What I have come to love about picking out my tops the Sunday before the week starts is that every morning I am excited to get dressed and do my hair/makeup. I end up feeling much better during the workday when I feel put together. I am so glad I decided to try this!

2.  Wake up earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee before doing anything else. I understand this probably would not sound fun to many people, but I have found it essential. Previously I would wake up at 6:30am, shower, eat breakfast, and then get ready for work. I found myself rushing and missing my morning coffee (For some reason I cannot finish a cup of coffee in less than 30 minutes…no idea why). I would get to work feeling exhausted because I had been rushing around for the past two hours without slowing down. Then, I would have to ease slowly into to my work. Recently I have been getting up at 5:30 or 5:45am and sitting on the couch with a warm coffee mug with my cat on my lap until it is time to get ready. I do not know why it works, but I have been a MUCH happier and productive person since I started doing this. There is just something about having an extra quiet hour in the morning that I need.

3.    Pray during morning coffee. What better time to set aside for the Lord than the morning?! Morning prayers were already a part of my life, but setting aside the extra hour has given me the time to truly reflect and pray deeply before starting the day. Sometimes I have a lot to talk about…thank goodness He is always listening!

4.    Call home during morning coffee. So I suppose not EVERY extra morning hour is spent in quiet. One or two times a week I use this extra hour to call my mom. My family lives in Germany, which is 6 hours ahead of Ohio, so finding time to talk on the phone can be difficult. This has been especially hard for me, because my mother is one of my best friends. We are only 20 years apart in age and growing up I always went to her with every concern because she still remembered quite clearly what every teenage hardship felt like. Thankfully, calling my mom around 6:00am my time seems to be a perfect time to chat. I am having my morning coffee and my mother, around noon her time, is usually having an afternoon cup of coffee. It is such a relief to find a way to curb my frequent homesickness!

5.    Read premarital books and get excited about the future with the most amazing fiancé in the world during morning coffee. On December 5, 2012 my amazing boyfriend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I cannot remember a time ever feeling the kind of happiness I felt in that moment. Our relationship is so precious to me and I want to be prepared for the day when we become husband and wife. I am currently reading 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married and have also checked out Love and Respect from the library. Some mornings, readings these books gets me so excited about our future that the whole day I am in a happy daze. I love that the books challenge me. I can already apply some of the advice to our current relationship. This will come in especially handy once Joshua moves to California in June, after which we will spend 2 years apart while I finish my degree.

I love these new additions to my mornings. I hope all of your resolutions are going well too!

About cat101111

I am a biomedical graduate student with a passion for health, food, and demonstrating God's love to all of His creatures.
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2 Responses to Lighten Up Your Mornings

  1. xinkia says:

    Hey Catherine!
    Loved this post! I think my favorite premarital book is “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” by Gary Chapman. (sounds a lot like the book you’re reading!) He talks about his 5 languages of love (which I remember you recommending that book to me!) and also about 5 languages of apology that was insightful. I have a copy of it if you want to borrow it!

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