2013 Resolutions

Catherine here!

I have been reading so many blog posts recently about New Year’s Resolutions. I love them all…looks like 2013 will be extremely productive for many people. I love the feeling of a fresh start that accompanies January. It almost makes up for the horrendous weather we are currently experiencing in Ohio…okay it is not really THAT bad, but it is certainly much worse than I became accustomed to while living in North Carolina for my undergraduate studies. Consequently, getting into the New Year’s spirit has been difficult for me this year. I feel a heavy ‘blah’ every morning that I seem to only partially shake off by the afternoon. Thankfully, the blog world exists and reading other people’s inspiring New Year’s posts have perked me up a bit and have given me the inspiration to develop my own de-blah-afying resolution. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stacy’s post about how each year she picks one word to define her goal for the year instead of a traditional resolution. Check out the post for her awesome story!

Taking Stacy’s story to heart, I have decided to do something similar this year. After thinking about what my word could be, while still in my cloud of ‘blah’, the phrase ‘LIGHTEN UP!’ continually crept into my mind.  What could this mean? Do I need to exercise more and lose a few pounds? Do I need to stop watching dark/depressing/scary television shows? (I was obsessively watching the first season of American Horror Story when I had that thought…) Do I need to stop worrying so much about work?

The answer is that these are probably all true to some degree. It probably would not be too bad to lose the holiday pounds I put on, but truly I am a very healthy weight. I do watch too many police/horror shows so maybe replacing one or two with a comedy could do some good. I definitely should stress less about my job. Ask any graduate student and they will tell you that year two is particularly difficult. It is the stage where you are trying desperately to do as many experiments as possible in hopes that maybe one or two will work and magically morph themselves into a dissertation project. In short…it sucks…and makes you feel very small and very bad at science. BUT this is not a reason to despair, because it is a temporary slump that we must all overcome…in any career we find ourselves!

As you may have noticed, my worries are so small compared to the suffering of many in the world. However, as always, stress is relative so some days my worries seem so big. I worry about people all the time. I worry I am not doing enough as student, as a daughter, as a fiancé, as a follower of Christ. I cannot tell you how many times I get so sad when I realize how little I have helped those around me. For this reason more than any I need to ‘lighten up.’ Nobody is perfect, and thankfully God’s grace can overcome all of my worries.

Since my main area for Rolling Staircase is food, today I am going to share with you how I plan to apply my ‘lighten up’ goal to my eating habits. (See later posts for how I tackle other areas of life.) I love cooking but I do not have the money or time to make elaborate meals on a daily (er…weekly) basis. SO sometimes I can fall into the trap of eating beans and rice for a week straight because I do not feel like coming up with anything more interesting. How boring! To lighten up and eliminate some pressure, I found a simply fantastic solution. It requires literally no thinking on my part and just 2-3 hours on one day to have my meals made for the entire week! Plus, I will have a different meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week so I will not get bored!! How happy! What is this magical plan I speak of and where can you experience this amazingness also? Well, my favorite food blogger/cookbook author, Lindsay S. Nixon, has designed these lovely weekly meal plans. They include everything you need to succeed in your yummy meal planning. There is even a personalized shopping list at the beginning of the packet! A 7-day meal plan costs $5.00, but I went ahead and bought a month’s worth for $18.99. I use many of her recipes on a weekly basis so I already know I love her food.

These meal plans will allow me to lighten up not only because they are so easy, but also because they are so healthful. All of her recipes are free from added fats/oils and are soy and gluten free. Also, I have been having issues with dairy (acquired lactose intolerance maybe?) and since these are plant-based meals I will not have to worry about any food allergies I may be experiencing. I cannot wait to get started. This Sunday I will go shopping and will start next week. This month I will give you weekly updates/reviews on my experience. I cannot wait to lighten up and get to eating!!!

Here is an introductory video the meal plans.

For more information, check out the website: get meal plans.

I hope you all have a lovely week and wish you the best of luck with all of your resolutions!


About cat101111

I am a biomedical graduate student with a passion for health, food, and demonstrating God's love to all of His creatures.
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