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Do you make a new year’s resolution?  I tried for a while.  But I quickly get caught up in “the busy” and lose track.  It seems like a resolution based on the calendar is not as effective as those based on a more urgent need (health and career as examples).

Since 2007, I’ve been following Ali Edwards in selecting One Little Word each year.  But over the past two years, I’ve done one word instead of any resolution.  I love this approach to making a resolution.  I have a feeling that it has been more effective than choosing a goal each January 1.

The most important difference in recent word selections over prior years?  Prayer.  I have opened my heart and prayed that God would guide me and help me to choose a word that would take me where he wants me to go.

In 2011, my word was COLLABORATE.  I felt like in order to grow I needed to engage others for the sake of learning and encouragement.  I collaborated with a friend to start a running program: we completed our first half marathon that year!  I grew in my faith with a lifegroup.  I got creative with friends and grew my sewing skills.  I felt really successful at the end of the year.   I began a tradition of scrapbooking the progress of that word:

One Little Word scrapbooked

SIMPLIFY was my word for 2012.  I did NOT want that to be my word.  Praying about it didn’t make it go away.  On New Year’s night, I laid down in bed at my parents’ house with the blinds open so I could see the stars (which look magnificent on a crisp winter night in the country.)  The message was so clear, it was almost audible.  Whether I felt obligated to do the simplifying things or I had the confidence of the word on my side… I went to town on it last year.  It was the year I let my hair go gray – doesn’t get more simple than that!  I purged a lot of clutter from my house.  And I gave into a 10 day detox from sugar.  It was a great start on valuing simplicity in my life.

2013’s word started as a spark, a coffee from Starbucks around Thanksgiving, “rekindle” it read.  And I thought, “Yes.  I have things I need to rekindle.”  So I stewed on it.  I prayed about what my word for 2013 should be (I always choose a verb.)  I kept a list of possible words on my phone as I encountered them.  But KINDLE kept creeping into my mind. And then I got to thinking about ebooks and audiobooks.  Amazon calls their reader a “Kindle”.  Words – kindling for your brain.  I downloaded an audiobook to my phone.  And then I got an iPad for Christmas.

It’s evolving. 2013, the year that I kindle relationships, knowledge, career, creativity (365 photo-a-day), and maybe a little more speed in the running department?? Light a fire under me, Oh Lord!


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First and foremost, I love God and my family. I'm married to John and mom to JT. Professionally, I test software. In my spare time I'm a photographer, yogi, runner, scrapbooker, crafter, and book lover.
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