Stacy’s craft room

Stacy here!

For my birthday last summer, my husband agreed to finish my craft space in the basement. The folding table and lack of storage space was a sorry, sorry sight. I wish I could blame the spiders for this mess…


I searched my brain, my soul, and Pinterest for ideas. I knew the space needed to be multi-functional and take up limited space. When it comes to crafting, I spend as much time sewing as I do scrapbooking, so my work area should suit both purposes. And when I got the space cleaned up, I relished the peaceful inspiration of open floor space. With that in mind, I designed a cabinet and counter height desk area that only took up one wall.

The easier route would have been laminated cabinets. But when I thought about spending much time in this space, I decided it should match my personality and be something in which I could take pride. I decided on unfinished wood cabinets that I would paint myself in a distressed finish.

This isn’t a DIY post, as I am NO expert at furniture finishing. But I will tell you a little about the process. The cabinets have two coats of oil based primer paint. Each coat was sanded to allow the next coat to go on smoothly. Then the color, a pale mint latex enamel, was applied in two coats. I sanded the edges and bits of the surface to give it a distressed look. Then I wiped on (and quickly wiped off!) a walnut stain. My brother and the helpful expert at Sherwin Williams advised that the primer and enamel paint would be the best route to avoid chips and general wear. And after 3 weeks of sanding, painting, sanding… I am glad that I won’t have to refinish these any time soon.

finishing the cabinets

Our friend Mel from Artisan Carpentry helped with installing the cabinets and doing some electrical work. Lights and an extra power outlet are craft essentials, you know. Again, it took a lot of know-how and effort on his part (not mine this time around… I just provided the chili!) Wouldn’t you know, as soon as it was finished, JT was the first to hop into the chair and get busy crafting.

My kid always takes my seat

During the past month I made time for a trek to Ikea for magnet boards, shelves, and a picture wire. My husband and I spent most of a day during our Christmas vacation installing everything (and then patching up misplaced drywall holes!) In the end… an organized space that fits me like a glove! The rubber stamps displayed on the wall are one of my favorite features. The plastic storage drawers turned into JT’s craft supply area. I find that he will spend almost more time than I do crafting away here.

finished room

Another of my favorite features, thanks to finishing my own cabinets… the chalkboard insides of all the cabinet doors. JT has two down below for his art work and I can leave myself lists and notes inside the upper cabinets.

Desk space details

Now that winter has descended upon us with blankets of snow, I am looking forward to camping out in my craft space and wiling it away. Maybe I’ll even craft something…


About brungrrl

First and foremost, I love God and my family. I'm married to John and mom to JT. Professionally, I test software. In my spare time I'm a photographer, yogi, runner, scrapbooker, crafter, and book lover.
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  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Your space looks great! Happy crafting!

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