The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Cynthia here!

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving.  I refused to get out of my pajamas the whole day and it was absolutely wonderful!  I ate way too much (like always) and slept way too much (what else am I supposed to do with a full belly)!  I know we’re back to work this week but December is right around the corner and I hope you’re planning vacations to fun and warm places!  Or at least choosing a book with an exotic setting to escape with.  Today’s recommendation is an adventure fantasy by Jennifer A. Nielsen called The False Prince. Enjoy!

Stealing, lying and cheating are necessary skills that Sage has developed over the past few years.  Although being an orphan isn’t the most glamorous of lives, at least Sage is in control of his own day to day activities.  When a wealthy nobleman, Conner, comes to buy Sage’s debt from the orphanage, however, Sage foresees a doomed life of servitude and imprisonment.  Yet, when Sage notices four other orphans in Conner’s wagon, he begins to question Conner’s true motives for collecting these boys.  It wasn’t long before Conner revealed his big plan.  In order to obtain more control of the King’s court, Conner has conceived a plan for one of the orphan boys to impersonate a royal prince who was thought to be dead.  Now, the four orphans are set in a competition against each other for the chance to impersonate the prince, and to lose this competition surely will mean death.

I think this book has one of the strongest first paragraphs I have ever read.  I was laughing out loud at the absurd description that was taking place in one of Sage’s ordinary days as an orphan.  I’m not going to ruin it here but I’m definitely urging you to download the free first chapter.  Nielsen created a seamless story that flowed well from beginning to end.  There is a huge twist at the end of the book, which I admit took me by surprise, but I loved every single part of the twist.

From a first person perspective, Sage was a strong character who narrated a great story.  He was smart but stubborn, yet very charming.  He also had a strong sense of right and wrong which along with his stubborn nature, often got him into trouble.  I also enjoyed Conner as a  non-typical villain character.  Although he wanted more control of the kingdom by placing a puppet prince on the thrown, Conner truly believed that by replacing a weak King, the kingdom will be a better place.  It was fun to watch Conner and Sage’s dynamic relationship because Conner stands his ground with his beliefs of making a better kingdom while Sage stubbornly stands his ground of doing what’s right.

Although there is very little love story in this book, I could not put it down.  If you’re tired of the romance novels that are seemingly everywhere at the moment, I definitely suggest picking up this book.  It’s a fast paced read with interesting events and information being revealed on every page.   I wholeheartedly recommend this book! I hope you enjoy it.


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I am a currently a PhD student at The Ohio State University studying tuberculosis. I am married to a wonderful man who knows exactly how to make me happy. I absolutely love reading and I wish I had more time to read, but I also love my research. I hope you find my book recommendations helpful and if you ever want me to review your book, just let me know!
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