Custom Wall Art: If a 5 year old can do it, so can you.

Custom made wall art is all in the wrist…and by a movable and complex joint I mean “giant mod frame the corner  drug store.” Yep, I really mean it. Nothing says “blah” in a house like an empty wall, but nothing pulls screams of pain and writhing from your bank account like dropping $300 on a mass-produced print that may or may not be larger than your average piece of printer paper. Why pay for something thousands of other people already have when $10 worth of art supplies (most of which you most likely already own) can make you some custom wall art?

“You can’t be serious…”

Oh, but I am, so without further ado, my 5-year-old gives you, custom made wall art.

Here are the things you shall need, my dear Picasso: Unlined 4 x 7 index cards, a paint brush, water-color paints, a bowl of water, and some paper towels…plus one secret weapon that I’ll show you later.

The paints we are using here are “Pearlescent” watercolors by a company called Yasutomo. It just means they are sort of metallic and sparkle a little. The case of 16 pigments cost me $3 at my grocery store, and was the most expensive purchase for the project. You can use any watercolor for this, whether you spring for a tube or two from an art store or buy the $1 pack of generic school paints from Wal-Mart. Doesn’t matter.

First, you want to decide on a max of 3 colors, my son chose 2, and decide on a pattern. My son chose squares and swirls.

The only trick here is sticking to your patterns and colors. It doesn’t matter if your squares are really square or if your swirls look sort of like a crazy snail.

Now here if the first big mistake that happens with amateur art, it’s either stuffed into a folder or closet and never seen again, or it’s display is rudimentary, such as the classic “kid’s art on the fridge.”

Nothing special, right? So now for the secret weapon…

FRAMES! They make all the difference and they don’t have to be expensive. I received these for free from a friend. Check out thrift stores for cool frames, you can even spray paint old wood frames to jazz them up. New, these frames only cost $4 a piece.

Tada, custom art. Also, say hello to lamp.

If a 5-year-old can do it, so can you.

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I'm a work at home Mom/Writer/Artist and work in office PA for LifeLight Global. Pretty much anything goes here. .
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  1. segmation says:

    Have you ever given thought on how can artists use the power of colors to their advantage?

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