Bats at the Beach

Stacy here!

In keeping with the beach theme as a farewell to summer, today I’m recommending Bats at the BeachBats at the Beach was a gift from JT’s Aunt Jen.  The story is just enchanting.  It turns a family day at the beach inside out to give parents and kids a whole new perspective on days… ahem, nights on the beach!  The bats fly out as dusk rolls in.  They play in the water, build sand castles, wear moon tan lotion, have snacks, and spend time with family – just like we do.

I love the rhythmic storytelling and the vivid imagery built with words and pictures.  JT is five years old and really into animals. This book meets us where we’re at right now: learning about animals and pining away for the beach.  When we read it, I can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach in the dark of night.  They always sound a bit louder in the dark, don’t they?

Here at home we recently watched a show about a bat infestation that terrified both of us!  This book settles our fears a bit given that we often see bats in our park at dusk and have even seen one up close in my parents’ garage!

This book is an imagination builder.  It may spark some clever ideas in your little one.  And it will start conversations about things to do at the beach.  It might even draw out some discussion about what bats eat and what it means to be nocturnal.  Let’s hope they don’t ask us roast bug-mallows, though.  Yuck!

Lies, B. (2006). Bats at the beach. Boston, [Mass.]: Houghton Mifflin.

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3 Responses to Bats at the Beach

  1. cat101111 says:

    Ah! I want to read that book right now! I am definitely going to remember this title for when I have little ones one day!

  2. Brian Lies says:

    Hi- Thanks for blogging about BATS AT THE BEACH! I’m glad you and JT liked it. Since we’re at the start of the school year and many kids are experiencing school libraries for the first time (is JT going into K, or still in preschool?), he might enjoy one of my other bat books, BATS AT THE LIBRARY.
    Please say hi to JT for me!
    Happy Reading,
    Brian Lies

    • brungrrl says:

      Brian – thanks for visiting! I told JT about Bats at the Library… we’re going to check it out. He’s in kindergarten. They have a trip to the school library planned for Friday. If he doesn’t come home with it then, we’ll visit our local library.

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