From Grandma Capris to Knee-High Capris! / オバチャンカプリから膝丈カプリに!

Hola! Takako here!


Continued from the last project, I pulled out a pair of grandma capris sat in my closet for ages. Compared to my night gown I just modified, I wear it a little more often, but I only wear it ONCE A YEAR! I bought the grandma capris about 7-8 years ago, so that means that I’ve worn it total of 8 times!! The grandma capris have awkward length, and it gets hot when I wear it. Oh yeah, I wanted a new pair of capris, why not chop off the grandma capris to knee-high capris! Oh how cheap I am! I decided to cut to the same length as one of my capris (white.) Well, I might as well add a slit to the outer side of both legs! I’m going to challenge my poor sewing skill!


First, I cut the bottom about 1 inch longer than my white capris. I turned the grandma capris inside out, and 1 inch extra material was folded outside. Then, I ironed the edge to crease it.



In order to add a slit to the outer side on both legs, I unthreaded the hem about 4 inches, then pinned so that I could sew the hem easier. Then sewing began.



Whoa, it didn’t take too long. I like the length now! Sayonara, grandma capris!



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