From Night Gown to Tank Top & Skirt / ネグリジェ(!)からタンクトップとスカートに

Takako here! まいどっ!お気楽専業主婦です。

First of all, I apologize for my poor grammar. Even after living in the U.S. for almost 16 years, I’m still struggling with my English grammar. Haa…


I received this night gown (I call it PJ dress!) from my aunt as a wedding gift. It’s very cute and all, but I honestly don’t think I can sleep comfortably. Probably the dress would be rolled up above my shoulder by morning, and I would be naked (!), just like sleeping in a yukata, Japanese style PJ (a picture on the right), more like a kimono but supposedly comfortable to sleep. You can find these yukata at a Japanese inn (I was always naked by morning because my yukata got loose as I rolled over all night.)



It’s been almost 4 years since the dress was stored in a closet, and it has never been worn. Sooo, I decided to do some modification to it. The dress was chopped in half. The top half would be my tank top, and the rest of the dress would be used to make my daughter’s summer skirt!


My tank top was pretty easy. I creased and made a loop at the bottom using an iron where an erastic band would go, and sewed it. Then, I put an elastic band through the hole. Finally, I sewed the opening of the erastic band loop by hand. Done!

ワタシのタンクトップはまぁまぁ簡単でした。下端のゴムが通るところをアイロンで筋付けして、 ミシンで縫いました。そしてゴムを通して、ゴムの通し口を最後に手で縫い合わせて完成!


A skirt for my daughter was a bit of work. As a lazy wife, I didn’t even precisely measure anything! Well, I just copied the length and width of one of my daughter’s skirts! First, I sewed both sides of the skirt together. Then, same as my tank top, I creased and made a loop at the top of a skirt so that it would be an elastic waist band, and sewed it. Then, I put an elastic band through the hole. Finally, I sewed the opening of the erastic band loop by hand. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I didn’t take any pictures while I was making the skirt!!

娘のスカートはちょっと面倒くさかった。ズボラ主婦らしく、何も正確には測らず!ただ娘の持っているスカートのサイズをコピーしただけ。ワタシのタンクトップと同様、端のゴムが通るところをアイロンで筋付けして、 ミシンで縫いました。そしてゴムを通して、ゴムの通し口を最後に手で縫い合わせます。何を考えてたのだろうか、スカートを作っている間、全く写真を取りませんでした!

My biggest challenge was to add a frill at the bottom of the skirt. I’ve recently found this website ( to greatly improve my sewing skill. I don’t personally know Ashley, the owner of the website, but she is one of the most creative ladies I know! She is genius! With her help, I was able to make a frill 🙂 Here is the hint I got from Ashley’s website. Then, I sewed the frill to the skirt.

一番の難関はスカートの下端にフリルをつけることでした。最近知ったウェブサイト (のおかげで、ワタシの縫い物テクを大幅に向上させることが出来ました。このウェブサイトのオーナー、アシュリーさんを直接には知りませんが、彼女の創造力はすばらしい!彼女こそカリスマ主婦だ!というわけで、フリルを無事作り、スカートに縫いつけることが出来ました。ヒントはこちら

Although I really didn’t measure correctly, the skirt fits my daughter perfectly! What am I going to make next time…?


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5 Responses to From Night Gown to Tank Top & Skirt / ネグリジェ(!)からタンクトップとスカートに

  1. Melissa Rizer says:

    I didn’t know how super creative you were! That’s awesome! 🙂

  2. okirakusengyoshufu says:

    Thanks, Melissa! I just stole somebody’s (Ashley’s, to be specific) idea~! Otherwise, my night gown would have still been in my closet!

  3. cat101111 says:

    This is so cute! What a great idea 😀 I love it!

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