The Important Book

Stacy here!

The important thing about a book is that it has pages with words or pictures.  You can read it.  You can share it with a friend.  You can read it again.  But the important thing about a book is that it has pages.

In The Important Book, each page describes something pictured on the page in just this way.  It gives you some details, and reinforces the important thing.  The images are simple and beautiful with bold typeface that is a prominent element of each illustration.

The Important Book

The book was published in 1949, but the topics (grass, sky, apples, children) are timeless.  I like how every object is described in its physical details (round or white) and sensory reactions to the item (a shoe is warm when you take it off).  It provides a study for preschool age kids in describing their world.  It gives them a perspective for better communication.

Emphasizing that every object described in the book has something important about it keeps you focused.  There is a sense of grounding and calm in coming back to that one important thing.  My son’s mind races and his mouth jumps from one thing to another, so I know that this centering and focus is something he could use from time to time.

Since we read this book together, JT and I will talk to each other in the same way these verses are written.  I love that we can read books together that get lodged in our minds in a way that affects our family culture and creativity.  I’m looking forward to this 5 year old kid producing some prose and poetry in the future!

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First and foremost, I love God and my family. I'm married to John and mom to JT. Professionally, I test software. In my spare time I'm a photographer, yogi, runner, scrapbooker, crafter, and book lover.
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  1. Nana says:

    I love that you are looking at older books – there is such a wealth of good childrens’ books!

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