The Interrupted Crafter

I have kids.

(Literally as I typed that line my 8 year old interrupted me with the classic triple “mom, mooom. MOM!” like a little neanderthal who was never taught any manners.) Life has interruptions. Kids make sure of it. In fact the process of even having a child is one big interruption. Everything else gets put on hold.

For good purpose, mind you, I’m not knocking it…but, life never really gets back to normal. Your hobbies get side tracked, for months, years even. Anyone with a kid under the age of 6 can tell you any crafting that includes manipulating art with a set drying time is off the table during waking hours; and those hour are by no means set. There are no guarantees is this game, buck-o, so in the pursuit of getting creative one is forced to…

…get creative.

This is what my hands have been itching to make,wanelo

(For you all who like buying your crafts this bottle can be found here … cheaters.)

But the required use of Mod Podge to get the yarn secure to the bottle was a big fat nope.

See this? tummytimemayThis is my 5 month old, and newest interrupter, Hunter Auri aka Chunky Button aka The Angry Baby aka Snot Dragon.

She’s the best. She also does not like being put down.

Thus enters Fabric Tape. Sticky, time stable, AND water proof to boot. I can use my bottles as actual vases for cut flower, they are easier to handle during wrapping because I don’t need to coat the entire exterior as I work my way down, and I can set my project down a billion and half times without worrying about picking up later and needing to start over.

From start to finish this project only takes a 5 items to complete, which is great all on its own.

  1. A clean bottle with labels removed.
  2. Yarn
  3. Fabric tape
  4. Paper Flowers
  5. Scissors

Step 1 – Cut three strips of tape and lay around the bottle in vertical, evenly spaced lines. Start the yarn placing the end on the tape with the tail pointing down and begin to wrap while keeping a MEDIUM amount of pressure on the yarn. To little and it will be droopy, to much and the stretched out yarn will be fragile and will be more difficult to fully cover all of the bottle.bottleblog6


As you make your way past the neck to the wider part of the bottle add more strips, I used 6 for my bottle, you may use more or fewer depending on the size of your bottle. At the bottom use a horizontal strip of tape to keep the last few lines and the end of your yarn from working its way free over time.bottleblog7


I used a contrasting color and added an extra touch at the top and bottom. No tape needed, just keep medium pressure again so your yarn doesn’t droop.bottleblog4

I added flowers which required yarn of varying lengths and paper flowers in multiple sizes.bottleblog3

I used plain old Elmer’s  glue for this. The bottle is easy to draw with and the yarn easy to place in short pieces even though I, of course, was absolutely interrupted during this process.bottleblog2

Add your flowers with another dab of glue and let dry!bottleblog

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How to Make Banana Bread

This is a plain and simple step by step guide to simple banana bread.

Step 1- Find bananas with mold growing on the stems. Open them and determine the fruit is still good. Announce you are going to make banana bread.

Step 2 – Find the following recipe: 

1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups mashed very ripe bananas (3 to 4 medium)
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped nuts, if desired 

Step 3 – Eliminate nuts. Nuts do not belong in baked good. Ever.

Step 4 – Discover your banana’s do not meet the measurement requirement; reduce flour by 1/4 cup.

5 – Remember to turn on oven.

Step 6 – Discover you do not have enough flour; dig in the back of the  cabinet. Discover a zip lock bag of 1-ish year old opened gluten free rice flour.  Top of flour. Call it good.

Step 7 – Allow small child to stir dry ingredients together. Be lulled into a false sense of security.

Step 8 – Use butter instead of margarine. Margarine is gross.

Step 9 – Cave in when small child asked to crack an egg. Thoroughly demonstrate how to crack an egg. Watch as small child ignores you and leaves you with shell in the bowl and egg on the counter.

Step 10 – Salvage what you can of egg. Send child upstairs to put on egg free shirt.

Step 11 – Decide using the left over coconut milk is a good idea in place of regular milk. 
Step 12 – Google coconut milk as a substitute in baking.

Step 13 – Mix all ingredients into a bowl and stir like crazy so you finish before small child comes downstairs and demands a turn.

Step 14 – Decide you want muffins. Pull out muffin tins and cave to demands that the left over Star Wars cupcake liners be used.

Step 15 – Fill one cup cake liner then change your mind one more time. Attempt to empty liner back into bowl. Fail and make a mess. Replace liner.

Step 16 – Pull out frozen berries. Allow child to add berries to mix.

Step 17 – Turn your back for 1.89 seconds. Return and find the child has filled the liners with berries.

Step 18 – Empty liners into mix. Replace liners.

Step 19 – Send child outside.

Step 20 – Mix ingredients to incorporate berries.

Step 21 – Spoon into liners.

Step 22 – Discover you have too much batter, pull out giant muffin tin and grab discarded butter wrapper next to you on the counter to grease it.

Step 23 – One of your sticky discarded liners was tossed on top of the butter wrapper. You have now swabbed your tin with batter.

Step 24 – Dump extra batter into tins anyway. 

Step 25 – Place in 350 degree preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Here is your final recipe:

1-ish cup mashed bananas

1 1/2 cup regular all purpose flour

3/4 cup gluten free rice flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 cup butter

1 1/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup coconut milk (the thinner stuff from the bottom half of a can, not the thick creamy stuff from the top half of a can.)

1 1/4-ish cups frozen berries of your choice.

photo (43)

Step 26 – Leave all dishes in the sink for someone else to clean.

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Buffalo Hummus

Catherine here!

Long time no see blogosphere! This summer was suuuuuuper busy for yours truly. My main man and the most amazing fiancé in the world moved to California, his younger sister got hitched, my family moved from Germany to Canada, and I passed my dreaded Candidacy Exam and am now officially a PhD candidate…wahoo! It was a wild ride and I am SO pumped to say hello to fall! AND to say HELLO again to all of YOU! As my first recipe for the season I am NOT going to share something pumpkin themed…though I HAVE made pumpkin cinnamon rolls and pumpkin bread already. No, today I am going to share with you an AMAZING and easy hummus recipe that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I have found that many homemade recipes are lacking in flavor, but not this one! As soon as I tasted it I knew this was a success. My roommate even looked up from the apples she was chopping and asked, “WHAT is that?! That smells amazing!!!” Oh it is…it is amazing! AND it is bright orange so you can still use this recipe to get into the autumn mood. Without further adieu, here is the recipe for super awesome Buffalo Hummus!

Buffalo Hummus

Source: Food Network

1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 cloves garlic
2 T tahini
2 T fresh lemon juice
1/2 t paprika
1/2 t cumin
2 T Frank’s Red Hot (or similar cayenne pepper sauce)
¾ t salt
2 T olive oil or water


Put all ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth and creamy. Add cayenne pepper (ground red pepper) for an extra kick!

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Stone tablet 2.0

Stacy here!

We recently had a patio added to our backyard.  With all the digging, there were a lot of rocks unearthed.  A six year old boy is of course going to snatch up every large rock that comes his way.  But more stone was not what our stone patio needed.  It needed more plants and… more gold.

I present to you, a metallic rock with a message:

chalkboard rockThere are no step-by-step photos, but I think you can handle this just by looking at the finished product.  And here are a few instructions:

Materials needed:

  • Rock
  • Spray paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Masking tape
  • Chalk


  1. Spray paint the whole rock.  Use a few coats.  Go light with each layer to avoid drips.
  2. When the paint is dry, use the tape to mask off the chalkboard area.  Or you can freehand or tape on a fancier template.
  3. Your chalkboard paint should be applied with a brush or sponge applicator.  Again, do a few thin coats, drying in between each to avoid running.
  4. Remove the masking tape while the paint is still drying.  This way, if any got under the tape, you can wipe it off.
  5. When the paint is completely dry, prime your chalkboard.  To do this, rub chalk all over the chalkboard surface.  Wipe off with a cloth.  (The dust makes the surface more erasable.)
  6. Write a message in chalk.  Display proudly!

gold & chalkboard paintsWhen it rains, you get to make a new message!

Encourage your kids to paint their own rocks.  JT painted his white and made a “baseball in the grass” image.  Remember, use real paint that is more weatherproof.  The tempera and acrylic paints we use for crafting were not going to work for this project.  That would make for a very sad child on a rainy day.

baseball rockI just know that backyard is full of giant rocks.  All free… if you’re willing to dig for them!  (I’ll blame the holes on the skunk… my husband won’t even know.)

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Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land

Stacy here!

Earlier this year I was out for a run.  I was winded and falling back on my mantra of “eating wind sandwiches.”  Just fill up on air, I can keep going… slice another sandwich… eat it up…

Then I started thinking about where that story and imagery originated for me.  It was a Raggedy Ann story book, one of the first chapter books I ever read.  After some internet searching, I came up with the name of the book and ordered it from a used bookseller.  For about $5 after shipping, I could share a little piece of my childhood with my kid.  The book was called Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land by Johnny Gruelle.

Before Disney invented a nursery full of toys who come to life and have adventures, there were Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and their adventures.  In this story, they chase a rabbit down a hole Alice-in-Wonderland style.  They arrive in another world filled with soda icicles, cookie people, and unfortunately, a wicked little goblin.

Raggedy Ann in Cookie LandOne of the characters is called the Snitznoodle.  He explains to the Raggedys that he only eats wind sandwiches, and is therefore never hungry.  He shows them how he uses a knife to slice the bread and the air, and makes a nice stack of sandwiches.  I remember reading and re-reading that part.  I was probably baffled, given my lifelong love of food.

When I was searching for this book, I found a blog post by Klara at the 5 o’clock teaspoon who also wrote a blog post about the book and the time in which it was written.  Her analysis of the book provides me with a new perspective.  Klara explains that the Raggedy adventures were written during the Great Depression when most children in America were lucky to have anything to eat at all.  Imagine feeding their imaginations with stories like this.  Check out her blog while you’re there: it’s beautiful and so intelligent.

I suppose you’re wondering how I convinced my six year old boy to read a Raggedy Ann book?  Well, he called it a girl book at first and said he’d have nothing to do with it.  Then I just started reading it out loud.  He was at my side before I even finished the first paragraph.  We’re on the second reading of it, he liked it so much.  My Hookie-the-Goblin voice makes my throat a little raw.  He’s such a chatty and mean little bully… always threatening to turn one or the other into noodle soup or sausage.

In my life, I am hoping to be more like Raggedy Ann.  Ever the kind one, her candy heart assures that she will treat even the meanest of souls with kindness.  She’s an inspiration.  I’m a happy mama when we can turn off television and dive into her world a little longer.

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Hyper-Nutriuent Hydration! (Now with Mint-astic Lime Flavor!)

It’s summer. Have you noticed? How could you not when the sun is doing its darnedest to boil humanity off the face of the planet. Well I say, “Fat chance.” He’s just mad because he doesn’t have any friends. You could say he’s not bonding well. Hahaha, cause he’s mostly made of monatomic hydrogen? Get it? No? Moving on.

We’re beating the heat here with water, but not just any water, no, we here at my house have too much crunchy-snobbery for that. Pfft. normal water really. *rolls eyes…then bakes bread from home grown organic heirloom wheat.*

We are drinking homemade vitamin water, and you can too, because it’s the easiest thing in the world. Trust me. All you do is grab any combination of fruit, herbs, spices, and even veggies you have, and soak ’em in water. Then you drink it. Have oranges in the fridge going way to0 soft? Slice ’em up and drop them in a pitcher of water. Lemons, strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, mint, basil, rosemary, raspberries, honey dew melon, mango…This list could really just  go on and on.

And can I just add in here how absolutely refreshing this stuff will be? Drinking water can be one of the most tedious health habits to maintain. There is SO much out there wanting first place in your belly. Pop, sugary juices, synthetically colored health drinks made pretty much of just salt, and none of it is good for you, even when it says so on the bottle. With vitamin packed raw foods doing all the work for you, these relaxing, refreshing drinks take 10 minutes tops to prepare and it’s all smooth sailing from there, honey. Actually, you could also put honey in them. Just a thought, but without more ado, I give you, Mint-astic Lime.

Mint-astic Lime.

1) Take a handful of mint leaves, maybe 1/3 cup.

photo (22)

and mash them between your fingers so the minty goodness can leech out into the water.

photo (23)

Drop ’em in your pitcher (I’m using a half gallon mason jar.)

2) Cut up three limes and drop ’em in after the mint.

photo (29)

3) Add water.

photo (30)

The end.


It’s best to let the inner goodness seep out of the leaves and fruit for 30 minutes in the fridge, or even better, let it sit over night, but if you just can’t wait just stick a straw in that sucker the minute you’ve got the ingredients together and go to town. You can sizzle this up too by adding some seltzer water to make a carbonated sparkling water!

Now give yourself a pat on the back. Good job you. Good job.



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Life of Pi

Stacy here!

Sometimes I put a book on my “to read” list and then I don’t get around to it for years.  Now, if the movie happens to come out before I read the book, I might make time to read the book before I see the movie.  This is what happened with Life of Pi.  In fact, my husband and son saw the movie in the theater before I even knew there was a movie of it.  But they liked it enough that they would watch it with me again, so I set out to read the book.

I bought Life of Pi on audiobook.  My husband, John, didn’t think the story would be as good in the book because “the imagery in the movie is just incredible.”  That’s when the experiment took place.  I was halfway through the book when we started our 10 hour drive towards vacation.  In our vehicle, the driver gets to choose the entertainment, so I chose my audiobook.  The language was suitable for our almost-six year old and they both already knew how the story ended.

JT liked hearing the story.  And he had questions about some of the words in the story (he’s a vocabulary nut) and what was happening at any given point.  He also giggled at talk of “poop” like any healthy boy would.  John practically writhed in pain at having to listen to a story instead of music on a road trip.  In fact, he opted to drive rather than listen to my story for much of the trip.

I finished the book halfway through the vacation, so we rented the movie.  I liked the movie, it was good.  The imagery captured Pi’s imagination and fascination with the world around him.  But I felt like it left out a lot of the mind games that occurred on that boat.

On the other hand, I asked John what he thought of the book compared to the movie.  He said the book had a lot of details, but he thought the movie told the story just as well.  He had no desire to hear any more of the book than the couple chapters we covered in the car.

Just as well???  I do not believe it.  Maybe it’s a difference between the two of us.  I’m a much more visual person.  Give me words and I turn them into pictures in my mind.  So perhaps, I don’t have any trouble creating those amazing visuals for myself.

John’s take on books is that if he spends multiple hours reading a book and it has an ending he doesn’t like, he feels like it has been a waste of a lot of time.  With a movie, you’re only ever committed for two hours.  So if you don’t like the ending, oh well, only two hours lost.  When we saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the movie theater, he liked the story so well that he went and bought the book.  He binge-read it and then bought and devoured the next two books in the series.  Once he knew the ending was palatable, he was all in for more of the story.  (As a side note, you won’t be getting a review of that book from me because I was horrified by the movie.  I didn’t unclench for HOURS after watching it.)

As much as I wanted to be a family that shares audio stories on road trips, we probably will not be.  But we were able to share Life of Pi.  The tiger, Richard Parker, is part of our everyday conversations now.  While discussing parenting children who like to live on the edge, John said, “I’m into feeding a goat to Peter Parker to show my son that danger is real and lives are lost when you live too close to the edge.”  JT and I looked confused… “Peter Parker?  You’d feed a live goat to Spiderman?”

Since I didn’t have an actual picture of the book to share with you, I asked JT to draw a scene from Life of Pi.  He chose the scene where Pi establishes his alpha role over Richard Parker.  Here he is screaming and raising the hook at the tiger:

Life of Pi

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Untraceable by S.R. Johannes

Cynthia here!

I’ve been working so hard recently that I haven’t really had a chance to read to my heart’s content.  But i’m glad to tell you, I’ve put an end to that nonsense!  Today my book recommendation is Untraceable by SR Johannes and I hope you check it out!

Grace knows she’s obsessed with trying to track down her dad and figure out what happened to him ever since he went missing all those months ago.  Everyone else has given up, even her mom.  But not Grace, she knows it in her heart that her dad is not dead and she can’t give up hope thinking he is alive, even if it costs her friendships and relationships.  When Grace finally gets a glimpse of something that might be a clue into her dad’s whereabouts, she plunges headlong into the investigation that nearly gets her killed.  Luckily for her, a mysterious boy named Mo was there in the nick of time to save her.

As Grace starts to confide in Mo, the only person in her life right now who doesn’t think she’s crazy for obsessing over her dad’s disappearance, she begins to trust and fall for Mo.  But what about her ex-boyfriend, Wyn? The one she wanted to get away from only because he didn’t understand her obsession, but still loved? The paths that she chooses, in the search for her dad and the choice between Mo and Wyn could be more dangerous than she ever imagined, perhaps even costing her her life!

What an absolutely fun novel! First of all I just want to say that this book cover is absolutely gorgeous! Her face is stunning and it’s framed so nicely by the leaves.  I think one of the reasons why I like this book so much is because Grace is just a normal girl.  I read a lot of YA fantasy/paranormal books where characters have magical talents and/or hidden abilities that it’s nice to have a girl who is good and proficient at something (tracking for Grace) because she was taught a skill and had practiced it over the years.

For me, Grace was an interesting and thought provoking character.  She had just lost her father, without a clue what actually happened to him, so it’s hard for me to empathize with that loss.  She pushes people away who only want the best for her and she makes decisions that I cringe at but I keep wondering if I would do the same if I were in her position.  That’s why I enjoyed reading about her, I wanted to know how she would think and react to certain situations.  Mo and Wyn were both great guys, but love triangles always suck for someone.

Overall it was a great well-written book.  The last few chapters of the book were so captivating I had to use all my speed reading abilities to finish it as fast as I could! I ended up reading the whole book all in one sitting! (I had to give up a few hours of sleep but I think it was worth it!)  I hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule this week and check out this amazing book!  Happy reading!

This book was given to me as a free copy from the publisher, All Night Reads, through NetGalley.

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Tips to Having an Enjoyable Flight

Cynthia here!

Are you a first time flyer?  Are you trying to gain a little bit more knowledge about flying?  Well, today I’m prepared to share some of my wisdom!  I wouldn’t say I’m a frequent flyer, but I have flown a lot throughout my lifetime.  My whole family (my mom, my dad and my brother + his wife and kids) are in parts of China or Taiwan, so in order to visit them I fly almost every year.  There was one summer when I was in undergrad where I flew all over China, then flew to Taiwan and then to Hainan Island.  I took 16 flights all within a month!

So, needless to say, I do have some experience with flying (really long flights, too).  Here are just some of the major tips and things that I try to remember while flying.

First thing first, food.  Haha, I love eating and this one is seriously important to me!  It’s becoming more and more common for domestic flights, no matter how long, to not serve free food anymore.  I went to Hawaii recently 0n a 6 hour flight from 10AM-4PM and there was only food for purchase.  If you have no problems with purchasing plane food, then by all means purchase away!  Personally, I just don’t think the price for the quantity or quality of food is that great.


Tip #1 – Most flights with in flight purchase meals will only carry a limited amount of certain dishes, say 10 roast beef sandwiches, 5 cranberry chicken salad, etc.  And if your seat number is behind row 15, it’s a good idea to go on the airline’s website and reserve your food.  With most airlines, you can do that up to 24 hours before your flight.  Therefore, no matter how far back your seat is, you are guaranteed the meal that you want.

Tip #2 – Buy your lunch in the airport before getting on the plane.  This way, you have more variety and you can eat as soon as the flight takes off and has reached the necessary altitude.  You also don’t have to wait until the flight attendants get to your seat!

Tip#3 – Bring an empty water bottle from home.  I always travel with an empty water bottle and fill it up inside the airport after passing TSA inspection.  I know we do get complimentary drinks on the flights but I’ve been stuck without any liquid for a couple of hours because of bad turbulence that caused all services to be stopped.  In cases like this, it’s good to be prepared!

water bottle

Tip#4 – Bring some snacks!  I think it’s always good to have an emergency go-to snack just in case you are rushed and can’t buy food at the airport or you’re stuck on a plane that’s not taking off because of mechanical problems.  A quick snack can really take the edge off of some hunger and even frustration!

Captain Wafer's

Captain Wafers Crackers

Trail Mix

Trail mix







Second thing I want to talk about is entertainment while on a flight.  There are no new ideas that I can share for entertainment but just some tips that might help to make you choose the right entertainment for you.

Tip #1 – Movies are a great idea, but how long can your computer last?  I hardly ever bring my laptop on long flights (It’s about a 13-15 hour flight to China) anymore since it’s so much more of a hassle to carry it, and take it out for TSA and really only have it lasting for 1 -2 movies.  If you have a super long battery life and you don’t mind carrying the laptop thn bring it! Just make sure you think through the advantages and disadvantages before you take it with you!

Tip #2 – Bring some variety of things to do.  Nothing huge or bulky but jut so you have options.  When I travel, for entertainment I usually pack 1) kindle 2) Nintendo DS 3) sudoku book 4) magazine 5) Ipod.  They’re all quite light so i’m not lugging around a ton of weight but i still have plenty of options to choose from!


Tip #3 – Bring something you can do while you can’t use a powered item.  It can take up to 20 minutes or longer to land the plane after flight attendants ask to have all electronic equipment shut off.  I often find that I get super inpatient since I’m so close to my destination but still have to wait.  It’s a good idea to have paper novels or magazines during times where you can’t have electronic equipment turned on.

Tip #4 – Okay, so this isn’t really entertainment for adults but it’s one of the cooler ideas I’ve seen for children entertainment on plane rides.  It’s called Kidzsack and it’s a backpack that kids can color as well as use it as their traveling bag!


Third thing on my list of important things to remember before flying is comfort.  Flying so often has allowed me to really understand how little things can make your flight much more enjoyable.

Tip #1 – Bring/wear a long-sleeve shirt without a hood.  Temperature tends to be quite cool for me on a plane but a shirt is a better option for me than a light jacket since you don’t have to take off your long-sleeve shirt when passing through TSA inspection.  Clothes with hoods also tend to be uncomfortable when they’re bunched around your back when the hood isn’t up during your flight.

Tip #2 – Wear loose fitting shoes, I prefer slip on shoes and flip flops.  The main reason I like these type of shoes is because your feet tend to swell on long flights mainly due to inactivity and the way you’re sitting.  This little tip can make your feet a lot more comfortable on a long flight.  Another reason I prefer slip on shoes and flip flops is because they are easy to take off.  Ever since TSA started requesting shoes be taken off during inspection, I’ve realized it’s become more of a hassle if I have to untie and retie my shoes.  Now I almost exclusively travel in flip flops!

Ben owns these ones and highly recommends them!

Ben owns these ones and highly recommends them!

Tip #3 – A neck pillow can really be a comfortable item, but it’s all based on personal preferences.  There are so many different kinds of neck rests now, it’s a good idea to try one and see how you like it.  If you don’t think you have room in your carry on for a bulky neck pillow, don’t worry, there are padded inflatable ones that seem to be quite comfortable without taking up too much room!

The last point I want to emphasize while flying is getting a bit of exercise.  No, not getting up and jumping/running around the plane, but some stretches and walking can help relieve tension and improve circulation!  There are some great websites out there with ideas on exercises and stretches like this one or this website!

A bit of stretching is good for the body!

A bit of stretching is good for the body!

These are really just personal preference tips, but they have helped me over years of flying.  I hope these tips well help you the next time you’re taking a trip!  Happy flying!

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A stitch in time saves…oh about 50 bucks.

BJ Here!

The Spring/Summer wardrobe haul for kids. It’s the worse than buying clothes at the end of summer for autumn/winter because at least then the clothes cover more. Now we’re paying the same for articles of clothing with half the fabric and that seems like robbery. It’s not a nice feeling, yet for most of us sewing clothes is way too much of a hassle, even for those of us who like to sew!

Behold I give you the stitch-less clothing converter! Also known as a nice, sharp, scissor. I give you, the standard boys shirt. Just a t-shirt with long sleeves sewn into it. The vast majority of my kids wardrobe consist of these every fall, but to get some extra wear out of them I turn them inside out…

photo (26)

I’ve cut up the seam of the inner sleeve to give you a better view. Most of the time these are not attached to the side seam on the bottom edge of the t-shirt sleeve, all you need to do is cut along the inner sleeve fabric to get it out.


photo (27)


Turn the shirt right side in again and Tada!


photo (28)

Free t-shirt. I did 5 of these while watching Netflix and saved myself $40 – $50 bucks.

Sometimes the sleeve is attached to that side seam, in that case all you need is a seam ripper and a small amount of thread coupled with the most basic of sewing skills. Even a monkey can sew a straight-ish line for two inches! (And if it’s not straight, well…how many people are going to be staring at your kids stinky, summer sweat-slicked arm pit anyway?)



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